Passion for the Psychic Arts

Hi! I’m Jen.  I’ve been practicing (and LOVING) the Angelic and Psychic Arts for over a decade.  Let me tell you a little about my story….

13-years ago I went through a spiritual awakening that opened me to seeing and communicating with Angels, Spiritual Guides, Departed Loved Ones, and many other fascinating realms of Spirit.

During this time, I also began seeing energy and auras and I started doing readings for others.

As soon as this part of my life opened up, I knew I had I found my purpose as well as my passion.

Today, I work full-time providing spiritual services.  And before I took my spiritual work full-time, I spent 19-years working in the defense industry!  It was with the help of my Angels that I landed where I am today.

What is an Angel Psychic?

As an Angel Psychic, I practice psychic reading and psychic healing in partnership with the Angels and Archangels.  The Angelic Realms are like my teammates in my spiritual business and psychic work – it’s great!

Extra Goodies You’ll Find on My Site

  • Free monthly video readings with messages & energy updates for the month ahead
  • Spiritual and motivational messages on Facebook
  • Angel Psychic TV! Free Spiritual training videos posted on YouTube and my Blog
  • Helpful blog articles on spiritual & metaphysical topics.