3 Steps to Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Spiritual, metaphysical, and new age people often feel like they have to hide their spirituality. If this applies to you, here are some suggestions for coming out of the spiritual closet and letting your true light shine.

Step 1. Notice the time period that you’re living in today.

When metaphysical people feel scared to discuss their true spiritual beliefs and practices, it’s often because of some type of ridicule or cruelty that they experienced in a past lifetime.

Your energy holds a memory of this cruelty and when this memory becomes triggered you feel like you have to hide who you really are for fear of gossip, ridicule, or ousting.

So, one remedy is to talk to this part of you that gets scared. Tell it what today’s date is and remind it that you’re no longer living in that old time period.

Explain to this part of yourself that we have laws that protect our spiritual freedoms and it is now safe to express this part of yourself. Have a really good conversation with this part of you and speak to it just as you would a scared child.

It’s true that people may gossip about you; however, this is just the universe’s way of letting you know that that person is not friendship material. In a sense, the universe is protecting you by putting a spotlight on the people that could potentially pull down your energy and mess with your life purpose.

Step 2. Start Small.

Are there activities you engage in on your evenings and weekends that you hide from your coworkers or family? Start sharing about these activities a little bit at a time. Notice how people respond. Their response is usually never as bad as we think it will be. Overtime, they’ll get used to hearing about your spiritual pursuits and activities and it will be no big deal.

Step 3. Find friends with similar interests.

This is so very important because it will help you feel stronger and more confident in your spiritual pursuits. You’ll no longer feel like you’re living on an island of one. Check this website to find (or start a) metaphysical group in your area: www.meetup.com

Here’s a prayer to call kindred spirits into your life:

Dearest God, Angels, and my Guides,
Please bring people into my life that are true kindred spirits and are seeking friendship in the same way that I seek it. Please give me signs and symbols within the physical world that will help me identify these kindred spirits. I ask that this happen at just the right time and with a most benevolent outcome. And so it is. Thank you.