Archangel Michael on the Lightworker Council

[frame]blue purple 200[/frame]“Lightworkers, please know that we know how hard you are working at taking care of yourselves.  We understand the trials you are undergoing and we send you encouragement every single day.

Did you know that there is a council that specifically looks over all Lightworkers on the planet?  And when we see one Lightworker experiencing difficulty or asking for help, we come to their side.

Please believe that you are here for very specific reasons and that each one of you will know that reason at a point in your life.  This information will not be withheld from you.

Take solace in knowing that you are doing exactly what you came here to do and you are succeeding.

The Lightworker Council

The council that oversees Lightworkers is one that you may connect with while in meditation or during your nightly sojourns.  In fact, if you wish to discuss or make changes to your Divine mission, you may do so while connecting with the Lightworker council.

Many Lightworkers frequently do this at the various milestones of their lives.  They may approach the council and ask that fellow Lightworkers be sent to them to help complete a project or start a mission.

There are many Lightworkers now that are searching for each other in their daily lives.  They seek to come together and create community.

If you seek to meet other Lightworkers such as yourself, I will help you in this endeavor.  Call on me and I will work to be your liaison and introduce you to each other.

This is Archangel Michael and I send you beautiful waves of light from your creator.”