Clearing Troublesome Lower Energies

[frame]Blog flowers[/frame]Normally, as I go throughout my day I’ll see or hear my spiritual team (my angels and guides) all throughout the day.  They’ll offer me advice and chime into my thoughts with reminders about this or that.

One afternoon, I noticed that I couldn’t sense my team as I normally could.  I could tell they were there, but they seem muffled or extremely quiet.  I realized that I hadn’t communicated with them at all that day.

This was unusual and it bothered me.  It occurred to me that there might be some kind of energy getting in-between me and my team.  I sat down, looked at the energy, and I saw a large sheet of black energy that was somewhat shiny.  I had never seen energy like this before and I noticed that it was being held in place by a much larger being of some sort that I was only seeing a part of.

In the past, I would have continued investigating to find out who this being was and why they were doing this, but instead I decided that I just wanted this energy gone as quickly as possible.

I had no doubt that it was the culprit; the thing that was causing me to not have clear communication with my team.  So I asked Archangel Michael to remove the energy and the being that was creating it.

About a minute later, the energy was gone and I could hear my team again.  I reconnected with them, chatted for a moment and asked them, “Is there anything else I need to do or fix to get back to normal?”

One of my guides said, “Say the name of God three times.”  I had never been asked to do this before and when I did it, I immediately felt energy come down into my body through the top of my head.  “Good, it looks like you got knocked out of whack.” my guide said.  He was helping me reconnect with God and it felt very good.

This is an example of how energies can try and get in-between us and God and us and our spiritual teams.  I believe that these energies seek to slow us down on our path and cause trouble in general.  If you ever wonder if this is happening to you, you can use this simple angel remedy as a solution.  Just repeat this mentally or out load with sincerity:

“Archangel Michael, thank you for clearing all negative, hindering, dark energies and beings that are coming in-between me and God and me and my spiritual team.  Thank you.”