How Fairies Became Fairies

How Fairies Became Fairies

Fairies are a type of angel that lives on the 2nd dimension of Earth.  There are many different types of fairies, yet they all came to be fairies in the exact same way.

Fairies are created by Spirit, which is one of the many Levels of Divinity in our Universe and Spirit is the creator of angels. 

Fairies in the Higher Dimensions

Fairies were originally created for the higher Earthly dimensions that needed help in cleaning up energetic debris and repairing damage to the higher dimensions.

They were created to be very precise angelic beings that could sense the exact nature of anyone or anything and this would make them excellent in their dimensional healing efforts.

Many hundreds of fairies were created for these efforts and they did an excellent job, so well in fact that they finished in record time and needed more work.

This is when a discussion unfolded about the troubles within the lower dimensions of Earth.  The lower dimensions were rife with spiritual riff raff, energetic debris, and negative and dark beings and entities of all sorts.

Spirit offered the idea to try placing the fairies in the 2nd dimension of Earth to begin cleaning and repairing the entire 2nd dimension. 

Initially not everyone was sold on the idea because they felt that the fairies were too high vibrational and sensitive to thrive in a lower dimension.

After some testing of the fairies’ lifeforce and energy, God agreed to place 20 fairies in the 2nd dimension as a test to see if they would thrive and retain their natural vibration.

The test was a success.  The fairies were able to thrive even while working to heal the 2nd dimension. 

The Fairies Move Into the 2nd Dimension

Soon after the initial test, all available fairies were assigned to the 2nd dimension and they began their healing efforts immediately. 

At first, they made great strides, but soon the darkness from the 1st dimension began noticing the fairies and started sending dark energy into the 2nd dimension to cause interference and trouble.

This is when things became more difficult for the fairies, they began feeling sick, sluggish, and tired.  Their work slowed down and several fairies became so ill that they had to be removed from their assignment.

Then suddenly things got even worse – it was discovered that the darkness was creating beings in the image and likeness of fairies – we call these “false fairies” and the false fairies were mean, rude, loud, and they stole everything they could. 

Today, the false fairies still exist in smaller numbers and many Humans have encountered them.  In fact, there’s a reputation that fairies have for being mischievous, rude, and troublemaking – these are not fairies, these are the false fairies. 

True Fairies

True fairies have very likeable personalities.  They may be kind, sweet, shy, excited, motivated, or very communicative.

And aside from their own work, they often like to help Humans understand more about energy and nature.

You can call on the fairies, as they do love to be called on, and ask them to teach you about energy and nature.