How Spirit Guides Differ from Angels

1.  Many spirit guides have been Human, just like you and I. They’ve gone through special training to be a person’s guide and they’ve taken on the role of being a spiritual guide which helps them continue their journey of growth and learning.

2. Spirit guides are usually at a denser vibration than angels, which makes their vibration more similar to our own. Because of this, they may appear more clearly to your psychic vision and they may sound louder to your psychic hearing than angels do. Some people feel that seeing and hearing a spirit guide is easier than seeing and hearing an angelic guide.

3. Different spirit guides may come into and out of your life at different times, whereas your personal angels are with you from birth until death. Your spirit guides are usually attached to certain milestones, experiences, or lessons that you go through in life. Their role is to guide you through something specific.