Interviews with Spirit Guides

[frame]Interviews with Spirit Guides[/frame]Spirit Guides offer us counsel, companionship, and encouragement when we need it the most.  They come in all shapes and sizes and are so helpful to chat with.  In my readings, I frequently have discussions with my client’s Spirit Guides because they know the client so well.

Below is the first part of my interview with a panel of Spirit Guides. 

Q: From your perspective, what do Spirit Guides do?

A: Female Spirit Guide:  “Spirit Guides help guide others on their path.  We try to make sure all of the sign posts are in place, yet we do not make decisions for you.  We communicate with your soul and ask what your next steps are and what would you like to experience next?  Sometimes we run interference in-between you and another soul.  We also help you make spiritual agreements.”

A: Male Spirit Guide:  “I’ve been a spirit Guide for many centuries and I see that the role of spirit guides has changed.  People are interested in accomplishing more in their lifetimes, so we’re called on more frequently.  In the past, we weren’t used as much and everything moved at a slower pace.  Now, however, souls want to take big leaps, like never before.  They’re asking us to hold energies steady as they make these leaps.  We’re delighted to interact so frequently with the souls that we assist.  It seems we have become an integral part of life.”

Q: [To the male guide]: You look like a human male to me, but I see that you also have bird wings, can you explain that?

A: “Yes, I am merging my experience as a Human and an animal and it feels amazing.  It’s about more growth and experience for myself.  When you don’t have a 3D body, you can do these types of things with your spiritual body.  You can blend and create any type of body that you want.”

Q: Is this why there are so many interesting creatures in the energetic world?

A: “Yes, exactly.  In the world of energy, you can shift your form very quickly and you can try on different looks or energies.  These energies can give you different realities and experiences.

My bird wings are about my ability to soar high and to see more.  For many lifetimes as a Human, I was very focused on myself to the point that I almost self-imploded.  I didn’t understand that there was a whole other world around me.  So I called into my life the energy of a bird.  Gradually over time, my vision as a human began to change.  I started noticing the details of life and I saw how my inner life connected to my outer life.  This is what led me into guide work.  I had to learn to see outside of myself.”

Q: Do all Spirit Guides have genders?

A: “Frequently yes, because we’re still learning and developing ourselves.  You see, working with a male energy offers certain growth just as working with female energies offers certain growth.  No one’s soul actually has a gender.  Genders are like robes that you can put on to have certain experiences.  We also know that when you’re in a physical body, gender makes sense to you, so we work with you in ways that makes sense.   We also look at the comfort level of the souls we assist.”

Q: Do you have to go through training to be a Spirit Guide?

A: “Yes, there is training and much of the training happens between the guide and the soul; many discussions take place.  There’s also training that happens at the Cathedral of Souls (a location on the energy planes).  Come on, let’s sit-in on a class and you can see what it’s like.”

At the Cathedral of Souls, I’m sitting in a room full of beings; some look like Humans and others have animal elements blended with their Human elements.  One looks like a modern-day grandfather.  The speaker at the front of the room is talking about Earth Energies and what the energetic climate of Earth is like.  He’s also talking about the overall goals that Humans have during this time period.  He says their job as a guide is, “Not to interfere, but to help make things clear.”

He talks about the releasing of karma that’s happening on the planet.  He says this has to happen to make a shift.  He explains that guides will check-in with him and the “Spirit Guide Organization” (if you will) on a regular basis to get updates on Human and Earth energies.  There seems to be a big focus on Earth energies.

He talks about Spirit Guides protecting their people from other beings that try to interfere at times.  He says the Spirit Guides assigned to the “young ones” (younger souls) have to be very present in their people’s lives.  He alludes that in times past, this wasn’t always needed, but today it is.  The class takes a break and everyone begins mingling and talking.  They’re sharing information about the souls they’ll be working with.

Q: Tell me more about the training you mentioned between Guides and their Humans. 

A: “Guides go through much preparation when being assigned to a soul.  They read the soul’s akashic records and they review the soul’s life path with many other beings present.  They discuss the karma that the soul wants to work in this life.  The Spirit Guide is often the overseer of karmic interaction with others.”

Q: Have Humans always had Spirit Guides?

A: “Yes, always.”

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