Levels of Divinity

Levels of Divinity

People often ask me about the difference between God, Spirit, The Divine, Source, etc.

They are all different levels of Divinity that originate from the same Universal source.  These levels of Divinity have unique and important jobs within the Universe as they are the creators of planets, stars, and civilizations.

The below chart details the varying levels of divinity.  The nature images you see next to each level are a symbol used to represent that level.  These Earthly symbols were chosen by each level to help us connect with them.

You can use these nature symbols to connect with or communicate with that level of Divinity.  For instance, if God has a message for you or is trying to get your attention, you may begin seeing red roses externally or internally.

You can also meditate on these symbols as a way of calling to and connecting with a particular level of Divinity.

The levels are listed 1 – 10 in terms of their daily interaction with Humanity, with 1 being the level that’s interacting with Humanity the most.

1. God
Symbol: Red Rose

God is a creator being that created Humanity, nature, animals, and all life in the 3rd dimension.

2. Holy Spirit
Symbol: White Daffodil

The Holy Spirit is an action-based energy that creates light, thought, and expression from a higher level.

3. The Divine
Symbol: Bouquet of Multi-Colored Flowers

The Divine is a collection of creators that create many different elements of our physical world and Universe.


4. Spirit
Symbol: White Rose

Spirit is a creator energy that creates angelic beings within the Universe.


5. The Light
Symbol: Pink Peony

The Light is an expansive energy that shines far wide for all to use.

6. The Supreme Light
Symbol: Gardenia

The Supreme Light is a creator being that creates light beings throughout the Universe.


7. All That Is
Symbol: Oak Tree

The All That Is is a collection of light beings who spread light and energy far and wide to all that is.


8. Universal Light
Symbol: A Sun

The Universal Light is a singular being that travels throughout the Universe spreading healing, light, and balance.


9.  Source
Symbol: Bougainvillea

Source is a creator being in which all beings in the Universe find their roots.


10. The Universe
Symbol: The General Sherman Tree (a giant sequoia)

The Universe is the totality of all levels of Divinity.


 © Jen Dundee