Metaphysical Perspectives: Understanding Mental Disruptions

Metaphysical Perspectives: Understanding Mental Disruptions

Mental disruptions can be caused by many different things. From a metaphysical perspective there are an array of elements that can disrupt our finely-tuned thought process.

Mental disruptions can happen when you least want them to.  They can pull your focus so that you simply can’t focus, they can create confusion in your attempts to solve a problem, and they can make you think you’re wrong when you’re really right.

Here are some common elements that create disruptions in our mind:


Beings are unincarnated and they like to spend time around those who are incarnated.  This can create trouble in your energy field, static in your thinking, and confusion in your awareness of your spiritual team of angels and guides.

Other people’s soul bodies (astral bodies)

Other people’s soul bodies are the energetic version of that person.   With their energetic body they can follow you around, jump inside of your aura, or nestle inside you.  This is highly distracting and you tend to begin having the thoughts, predilections, and behaviors of this other person and they will experience yours.

The reason they do this is because they’re attracted to something about you.  You may have a skill, temperament, or knowledge that they would like for themselves.  We all have the ability to do this with our soul body, but spiritually it’s discouraged and is considered a strong violation of another’s boundaries.

Mental Health

The quality of your mental health helps you sense when the above situations are occurring.  Mental health can be thought of as a closet – is the closet clean and organized or is it confusing and chaotic?  Metaphysically there are many factors that contribute to mental health such as family history, chakra settings, past lives, and early childhood programming.

Openings and tears in your energy

Rips and tears in your energy can allow all sorts of energies to come into you that you would normally close the door on.  It makes you vulnerable to the negative and disruptive thoughts and energies of others.  Repairing and sealing these tears puts an end to the inflow of disruption.

Problematic thinking patterns

There are 5 specific thinking patterns that create disruption in the mind.  And a pattern is a series of events that has occurred in two or more lifetimes.

Mental disruptions don’t have to be permanent and they are healable.  When you started your journey as a soul on this planet, you didn’t have any mental disruptions.  It was through your journey of lifetimes that these disruptions came about.

I offer a distance healing treatment that addresses these issues.  It’s called, Clear Your Mind Healing Treatment and you can read more about it here.