St. Germain Appeared One Morning

[frame]bluepurpleflowers[/frame]Recently I’d been getting messages from my angels to meditate on a more regular basis. I’d noticed that I go through phases where I really enjoy meditation and then other phases where I feel like I don’t need to meditate much.

My angels were letting me know that I was preparing to enter a phase where meditation was important and I needed to recommit to a regular practice.

I had been feeling bored with all the different ways I normally meditated and the ways that I usually cleared my energy during meditation.

So, I sat one morning with a cup of coffee and said a little prayer about the messages I had been receiving: “Dearest God and angels, if there’s a new way that I’m supposed to meditate, please teach me and put that information in front of me.”

About two seconds later, St. Germain appeared in front of me. St. Germain is a spiritual teacher that’s known as an Ascended Master. He smiled and said, “We want you to use the violet flame”. The violet flame is an energy tool that St. Germain is known for sharing with Humankind. It’s a violet-colored energy flame that can transmute energies instantly.

I’d been dabbling with using the violet flame to clear my energy for the last couple of weeks and now I understood why I’d been feeling drawn to it. One thing I liked about it was that it was a simple and swift way to care for my energy.

The Violet Flame is used for Transmutation

In metaphysical terms, transmuting energy means changing lower energies into higher energies. Like transmuting irritation into calmness, or fear into love.

St. Germain continued speaking and offered some brief instruction on using the violet flame before he left.

I first used it to cleanse my mental body, which felt great. I had been working a lot lately and my mental body had been very active. I knew I needed to calm its energy, especially before going to bed at night.

An Easy Way to Use the Violet Flame

The violet flame is a Divine energy tool that’s available for anyone to use. If you feel drawn to this tool here’s one way to bring it into your life:

During meditation, ask God to place the violet flame into your heart center (the center of your chest). This is the most common place to request that the violet flame be anchored.

Because the violet flame is an intelligent and responsive energy, I noticed that all I had to do was think, “Violet flame, please transmute my…adrenal glands or mind or aura or lungs or anything I want cleansed and transmuted.

When I did this, I could see the violet-blue energy completely infusing that part of my body or energy system.

St Germain expressed that it only transmutes what is appropriate at the time and that this is part of the intelligence of this energy.