Video: Archangel Michael: How to Work with Him


Video Transcript:
Archangel Michael is probably one of most famous Archangels. He’s been working with Humanity for a very long time and has been written about in many spiritual texts.

Archangel Michael is known for having a bold, direct, and sometimes humorous personality. He’s one of the easiest Archangels to communicate with psychically because of his strong energetic presence and his clear and amplified style of communication.

The Archangels have skills, talents, and personal interests just like we do. And their personal interests are usually what they are known for helping people with or are called their mission. For instance, Archangel Michael helps us with many different things, such as:

Releasing Fear and Ego
Paranormal concerns
Making Change

The Archangels also have primary aura colors, just like we do. For instance, you may have a primary aura color of blue, green, yellow, pink, or purple. Michael’s primary colors are royal blue, purple, and gold and if he’s trying to get your attention, you may notice that you keep seeing one of these colors over and over again in your environment, your meditations.

To work with Michael, you don’t have to do anything special, be anyone special, or have specific spiritual beliefs. He offers his services to everyone and he has the ability to work with millions of people all at the same time.

You can talk to Michael just as you would a friend and let him know what you would like help with. Michael works very closely with Humanity and he’s engaged in helping millions of people, so if you’ve got a little extra time on your hands, you can ask Michael to give you a spiritual assignment and he will guide you in that work.

Here’s an Angel Remedy to get you started in working with Archangel Michael. Just say, “Archangel Michael, please come into my life and make your presence known to me. Please guide me in making changes that will bring great joy into my life.”