What is a Lightworker?

What is a Lightworker?

The word Lightworker has been defined in many different ways.  Here’s a very basic and straightforward way of describing a Lightworker.

A lightworker is a soul that has agreed to do work specifically for the good of all and for the forward moving journey of returning home to the light.

This is a journey that we are all on, so a lightworker could also be thought of as a journeyworker – a soul that helps people find their way back to their spiritual nature and spiritual home.

Lightworkers tend to have certain personality types.  They’re often kind, giving, and patient with others.  They’ve been through quite of bit of training to be a lightworker and patience-with -others is a part of their training.

They’re also very good at understanding others.  They tend to think before they react and think before they speak.

There are also chakra settings in place to aid lightworkers.  These settings help a lightworker stay in their “lightworker frame of mind” while helping and living around others who are on a different path.  Sometimes lightworkers will turn these chakra settings “off” so that they can have a more down-to-Earth Human experience.

Here are some signs that you’ve agreed to be a lightworker:

  • You love helping others
  • You tend to be the victim rather than the aggressor
  • Your drawn to the spiritual arts
  • Your dynamics with your family may be unconventional or not understood
  • You wish that money didn’t exist (many lightworkers feel that money makes things more complicated).
  • You’re more emotionally sensitive than the average person.