Spiritual Sessions

Spiritual Reading, Healing, & Counseling

Spiritual Sessions offer you Psychic Reading, Spiritual Healing, and Spiritual Counseling for you or your pets. 

Spiritual Reading

During your session, I use my spiritual senses commonly known as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, to read energy and connect with our Angels, Higher Selves, Archangels, and God to bring through meaningful information and messages for you.

Spiritual Healing

I also offer a unique method of Spiritual Healing that I created in partnership with my Higher Self and Seraphic Spirit (the spirit of all Seraphim angels). It doesn't require hands-on application and can be applied remotely.  I use this method of Spiritual Healing to address common ailments and concerns from a metaphysical perspective.

My Spiritual Healing method is one of clearing and removing problems within the Human energy system and healing bumps within your lifepath. I’ll often review your past lives that are triggering present-day issues and use a chart-and-pendulum system to facilitate rapid energy clearing.

How this Session Works

At the beginning of your session we can jump right into your questions or healing requests or we can see if there are any messages for you from God, your angels, and your spiritual guides.

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    Session Options

    • 30-Minute Session, $85
    • 60-Minute Session, $145
    • Available via phone, Skype, or absentee (remote)
    • Session is recorded as an .MP3 and emailed to you.