Body, Mind, & Spirit Tune-up

For yourself, your loved ones, or your friends!

A Body, Mind, & Spirit Tune-up is a remote healing from myself and the Archangels.  You’ll receive an energy system repair, deprogramming, cleansing, and purification along with many other uplifting adjustments designed to bring you into alignment with peace, love, and many other positive healing vibrations.

Your tune-up does many wonderful things, including:

  • Cleanses, repairs, and purifies your energy system, allowing your true personality to shine.
  • Brings you into alignment with faith, love, happiness, and peace.
  • Removes many harmful programs that can keep you from your true health and happiness.
  • Creates renewal and reconnects you to the Angels, Archangels, & God.

This Tune-Up is a great remedy for any of these experiences:

  • You’ve been dealing with stress
  • You want to feel like yourself again
  • You’ve been feeling under-the-weather
  • You’ve recently gone through a life change
  • You’re seeking a closer relationship with the Angels, Archangels, & God.

The Tune-up that you’ll receive is one that I’ve been using on myself for many years.  I use it to keep my energy system, my emotional health, and my spiritual health in alignment with my life purpose.  It also keeps me feeling peaceful and high-vibrating.

Once the Archangels and I have completed your Body, Mind, & Spirit Tune-up, I'll send you a brief email letting you know what was worked on, cleared, or given attention to during your session.

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Session Details

  • SPRING SALE: Remote Absentee 1-Hour Healing, $85 (Normally $120)
  • You can be doing anything while receiving your tune-up
  • I'll email you when we've completed your tune-up session with details about your session.