Body Healing Treatment

A body healing treatment is for your physical health.  It works to remove viruses and diseases from your energy system.  This treatment strongly focuses on your etheric body, which is the energetic double of your physical body.

This treatment also connects you with God, Heaven, and the Saints so that you'll continue to receive physical health support from them. 

How Do These Treatments Work?

Schedule-free healing treatments are spiritual healing treatments that I created for those who are looking for a less expensive and more immediate healing from me.

These healing treatments do not require scheduling and you can be doing anything at the time of the treatment.

For these treatments, I work with two Levels of Divinity, God and Spirit, to apply a variety of clearings and adjustments to your energy system.  All you need to provide is your first and last name and your location, which you'll provide in the checkout process.

The effects of these treatments are usually instant or sensed within 24-hours of the treatment.

Once you purchase your treatment, I'll receive notification, and within 24-hours I'll perform the treatment and send you an email when it's complete.  I don't offer feedback with the schedule-free treatments, just a simple email to let you know that it's been completed.

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